Aquafish Solutions Ltd. (ASL) is an Aquaculture, Fisheries and Marine Environmental Research Company, operated by Martin Syvret, which also incorporates the Seafish approved Southern Shellfish Training Centre (SSTC). ASL is a Professional Member of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB) and is happy to offer SAGB Members initial free consultations.

ASL specialise in independent marine research as well as the investigation and assessment of the environmental aspects of aquaculture and shellfisheries. ASL has developed a particular expertise in project management including project partner liaison, finance and accounting, delivery process control, network development, dissemination and external communications. Other main activities for ASL include marine surveying, the enhancement/optimisation of depuration, delivery of training courses, new species/technology development, invasive species management and funding/business advice including project proposal management. ASL have presented at and organised conferences, events and seminars for a wide range of target audiences.

ASL established the Southern Shellfish Training Centre in July 2009 in collaboration with Aquatic Water Services Ltd. This Training Centre is a Seafish Approved Training Provider and delivers a range of Seafish/REHIS accredited courses to industry as well as regulatory and support organisations regarding depuration/purification of bivalve molluscs.  ASL also offers other specialist training courses to the aquaculture industry.

Aquafish Solutions Ltd. aims to provide advice and support to the aquaculture, fisheries, regulatory and conservation sectors.  ASL has links with a range of associated consultants from the Marine Environmental, Marine Ecological, Oceanography, Shellfish and Fish Farming sectors as well as with the various Regulatory, Conservation and Funding Agencies.

Aquafish Solutions Ltd. specialises in the following services:

  • Independent marine research
  • Environmental aspects of aquaculture & shellfisheries
  • Project management
  • Marine surveying
  • Enhancement/optimisation of depuration
  • Invasive species management
  • New species/technology development
  • Project proposal development/submission
  • Training for industry through the SSTC

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